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    Taste: Every Nashville Foodie’s Dream

    Never again will you be trapped in this third dimension of non-decisions, going back and forth struggling to find a place to eat even though you’ll probably just end up at your usual spot. The Taste App removes the incessant sifting through reviews by ranking each food or drink category based on local “favorites.” That’s right, no bias reviews or paid advertising to boost the restaurant’s rating, just honest and authentic preferences.

    Whether it’s pizza or sushi, brunch or cocktails –Taste covers it all, and they do it by trusting locals. Because really, who knows Nashville eats best?

    When you download the app, you get one “favorite” per category. The more times you check in to new places in a category, the more weight your vote has. That’s why Taste is different; it focuses on what’s truly the best of whatever you’re craving, wherever you are.

    Nashville is one of the 29 major markets Taste is launching. So, if you’re new to town or thinking about changing it up, let Taste do the deciding for you. No longer will hangry moods cloud your food judgment – indecisive foodies everywhere rejoice.

    You can download it from the app store here, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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    Jacob Davis “Big Easy” Inspirations

    Growing up in the deep south it is no surprise that country newcomer, Jacob Davis was inspired by the work of famous jazz musicians and singers. These influences can be heard throughout his single “What I Wanna Be”. Along with a catchy chorus written by Davis, you can hear the pounding of the keyboard and the low strumming of a bass guitar all elements pulled from traditional jazz music.

    “Music has always been a part of my life,” said Davis. “One of my favorite live music memories growing up was attending Jazzfest in New Orleans and seeing John Prine with my Dad and brother.” It was through listening to the greats that Davis was able to foster a passion for lyrics and songwriting. “I remember my Dad playing John Prine and me being in the back seat of his truck,” recalled Davis. “I leaned up front and asked, ‘what does that line mean, Dad?’ He would just laugh and say, ‘listen to the lyrics, son! Every song is telling you a story, just listen!’ I probably drove him crazy, but I started listening.”

    Davis finally began to explore songwriting while he was attending Louisiana State University. Once he got started there was no turning back. Within six months of moving to Music City Davis was offered a publishing deal. Since then he has signed a record deal with Black River Entertainment.

    In his most recent video release, “What I Wanna Be”, Davis’s doesn’t shy away from his roots; instead putting them on full display. Filmed in New Orleans, the music video takes us throughout the “Big Easy” as Davis performs his latest hit in a cozy jazz club. Watch the video below.

    What I Wanna Be (Official Video) by Jacob Davis on VEVO.

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    Smithfield Hits GOLD With new single “When You’re Gone”

    The hot Country duo who brought you “Hey Whiskey” cranks it up a notch with a lively new single. Released today, Smithfield’s “When You’re Gone” is the ultimate windows-down, summer anthem. While Jennifer Fielder of Smithfield took the lead on the former hit ballad, “When You’re Gone” turns the spotlight to Trey Smith, who not only rocks the lead vocal, but sheds light on the true talent in both of these performers.

    Co-written by Smith and Fielder of Smithfield along with Brennin Hunt and Adam James, this upbeat new single plays on the fun and flirty nights “when you’ve had too many,” letting go of inhibitions and soaking in the moment.

    Check out Smithfield’s “When You’re Gone,” available now on iTunes.

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    Brett Eldredge’s Miss USA Performance Was Awesome

    Country music singer, Brett Eldredge serenaded Miss USA’s beautiful contestants and a star-studded audience Sunday night.

    Looking great in a black tuxedo, Brett performed the song, “The Long Way,” from his upcoming self-titled album at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas during the 66th Miss USA 2017 pageant.

    Brett’s album comes out August 4th!

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    Dialed In: Chelsea Bain

    Where did the story behind drinking alone come from?
    It all really stemmed from me being a big fan of enjoying a drink with company and good conversation.

    What do you hope listeners take away from this song?
    One should never drink alone!

    Who are your biggest musical influences?
    Shania Twain, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakrs, Pink, and Bob Dylan.

    If there’s one person/band, dead or alive, that you could perform with, who would it be?
    Frank Sinatra. He is so classic, yet different from what I do that if would be such a cool collaboration.

    What’s your favorite part of being up on stage?
    I love to entertain. I really enjoy having the chance to make each night feel like a big party with my friends. It’s fun for me to make it fun for everybody else!

    We see you love motorcycles and horses. How did those become passions of yours?
    I grew up around both of these things. My parents were into horses and rode motorcycles when I was a kid and I’ve grown up to be just as passionate about both. When I am not playing music, it’s all about my bike and my horse, Barbie.

    You’ve performed a lot of NASCAR and NHRA events. How did that shape you and your music?
    These events made my performance grow into the high energy show I strive to put on each night now.

    What’s been your favorite memory out on the road?
    One night, my band removed my mattress from my bunk and filled the space with water bottles. I started throwing water bottles at everyone on the bus and we had a pretty epic water bottle fight. It was awesome!

    What’s your writing process like?
    Well, we usually spend a lot of time talking so we can have all the material in the world to write about. Then we write a song in between laughing about stupid jokes and catching up on life. We end up becoming great friends with each other as co-writers so there is always a social element to songwriting. It actually makes for better songs when you can be totally open and real in a writing session.

    Where is your next project/music headed in he future?
    There is honestly no way for me to tell you where my music is headed. I write about the things in my life I am living at the time, so it all depends on where my life goes.

    You can check out Chelsea’s new EP HERE!

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    Canaan Smith is Back and Better Than Ever

    Canaan Smith’s new single, “Like You That Way,” merges a great summer sound with a fun lyrical concept, tapping into the idea that people don’t have to be perfect for you to love them.

    “You’re an original / In a world that’s so digital / You’re the analog baby / You make the others invisible,” he sings, hitting you right in the feels over that complicated relationship that only you can appreciate.

    Guys will relate to the idea of loving a girl that’s got, “the sunshine in [her] pocket,” and girls will revel in the fact they’re loved even if they are, “Miranda Lambert crazy.”

    Smith weaves his story over a track that’s perfect to blare over speakers all summer long. Fans will dig a sweet steel guitar and drum loop that make you want to roll down your car windows and join along. Meanwhile, the base line in the bridge gives the track a nice, slow interlude before Smith closes it with a chorus that listener’s will have memorized by now.


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    Dialed In With Jon Wolfe

    Your most recent single was “Boots On The Dance floor? Why did you release this as a single?

    The first time I heard “Boots On A Dance Floor” I wanted to go straight to the studio and record it. I felt like it was a smash, like people were going to hear it and say, “That’s a Jon Wolfe song.” It’s talking about all these country elements, but with a modern mainstream feel.

    You’ve toured all around Texas and the U.S. What’s been your favorite show or craziest moment on tour?

    In these past three years, we’ve seen amazing growth and looking back on those, I’ve gotten to cross a lot off my bucket list. The first show that comes to mind is when I played Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, Texas. That is definitely one of my Top 5 moments. Another one is Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, so that was big for me. I’ve opened for groups like Sugarland, but never thought I’d be headlining my own show, let alone two shows in the past eight months! That one goes down in the history books for me. Another one of my favorites is getting to play a sold out show in the famous Gruene Hall recently.

    Any pre-show rituals or must haves when you’re on tour?

    I’m a big “game face” guy. When it comes to to getting ready before a show, I don’t like to be around a lot of people because I want to be focused. I’m usually by myself rehearsing songs and going over lyrics. One of my must-haves prior to a show is a Shiner Bock. That beer is definitely a Texas thing!

    What are your Oklahoma influences and your Austin influences?

    Obviously, Garth Brooks was huge influence for me growing up in Oklahoma. I saw Garth when I was younger and that was the moment I knew I wanted to do music. He has an ability to take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. George Strait and Pat Green are also huge influences on my career. Living and touring in Texas, there’s this maverick mentality where you work hard and do it your own way. That’s my standard.

    What is your first memory of performing?

    Chase Lounge in Houston, TX. It was an open mic night back in 2003/2004. My friend asked me to get up and sing a song. It was nerve-racking!

    If you could perform with any musician living or dead who would it be and why?

    Garth Brooks is definitely number one on that list because of my early childhood memories getting to see him live. He’s such a huge entertainer.

    Do you have a process when you’re writing a song?

    I come up with the title first. That’s how it was for “Any Night In Texas.” When I need to come up with ideas, I go for a run. It allows me to clear my mind and think about what I want to say. After I have a title, the melody starts to drift in. My co-writers expect I’ll come with a title and we just go from there.

    Where do you look for inspiration?

    Inspiration varies from where I’m at in my life or how I’m feeling that day. I like writing both happy and sad songs, so it just depends on what’s going on. If it’s a day where my truck was repossessed or my girlfriend broke up with me I’m probably not writing a happy song!

    What was the influence for the new album?

    For me, this album is about being a little more comfortable in my skin. I wanted this to be a raw record and an album that means different things to different people. The song itself says magical things can happen any night in Texas. This is your summer album. Whether you’re 21 hopping in your truck or going to the rodeo – this is your soundtrack.

    What’s your favorite song on the album?

    It sounds kind of obvious, but it has to be “Any Night In Texas” because I wrote it and it has some Americano influences. It’s a storytelling song. I really loved what we did with production and the nostalgia of it. It’s my own little personal favorite.

    Do you have any clues for you fans on your next single?

    I’m excited to announce my next single will be “Baby This and Baby That.” I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

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    Kelleigh Bannen Does It Again With “Church Clothes”

    One of Country music’s greatest abilities is to pour truth in lyrics. Kelleigh Bannen’s new single, “Church Clothes” is a perfect example. It brilliantly depicts how people will put up the perfect facade for others, but the real picture is far darker and messy.

    “Church Clothes” follows a couple in turmoil, who put up the picture-perfect front when attending church. Some of the heart-piercing lyrics include: “You drive, I look out the window / It’s not right but nobody says so / We walk in and head to the same pew / And hold hands, just like we’re supposed to / But last night you slept on the sofa / And these days I don’t even know ya / We fight like hell but nobody knows / When we’re wearing our church clothes.”

    With the abundance of social media constantly putting pressure on everyone to look and be perfect, it can force us to hide the messy sides of our lives, but “Church Clothes” is a valiant reminder that nobody’s perfect, no matter what image they portray in public.

    Kelleigh’s new single is full of heartbreakingly raw emotion and that’s why she was drawn to it. Having watched her own parents reach a breaking point in their marriage, Kelleigh feels personal connection to the song, which allows her to pour not only her vocals, but her emotions into it, as well.

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    Chris Tomlin’s New Video “Home” Is A Must See

    Christian super star Chris Tomlin’s new video for his single “Home” will hit you in all the feels. The video premiered on USA Today yesterday and has a way of giving any one watching hope. Even if you’re not a typically Christian music listener this video is definitely touching. The video’s theme of finally being set free is very reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Temporary Home.” Both focus on leaving behind pain and finally getting to your “real” home.

    The video starts in a huge empty home with a dark wooden interior and an hour glass rolling across the floor. This simple picture shows that even when you’re in a dark place it will eventually end like the sand in an hour glass. The video continues on with Chris in an open field searching and waiting to go home. He eventually finds that “home” (Heaven) at the end of the video where beams of bright white light are shining through every open space in the house. The video ends with a hopeful message and that’s all you can ask for when you’re going through a hard time. Take the lyrics of Carrie and Chris: nothing bad is permanent and you’ll find a way out.

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    Interview: Dialed In With Spencer Crandall

    1.) Why country music?
    Country music was my first love. I spent my entire childhood jamming out to Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and King George. My dad always had it playing wherever we went. All of my memories of growing up were fishing and camping while listening to these amazing artists paint these vivid stories. The lyrics, melodies and timelessness of country will always have my heart.

    2.) You grew up in Colorado. How did that shape your music?
    Colorado is a great place for music. Colorado has a huge country scene, but is a melting pot when it comes to genres. I grew up listening to everything because I had friends and family members who were constantly introducing me to new styles and sounds. It shaped me into the artist I am today and I am so grateful that I grew up in the Mile High City.

    3.) You have a ton of social media followers! What’s your secret and how do you keep them all engaged?
    I just posted covers and got lucky to be completely honest! I am SO grateful for my followers and how willing they are to go the extra mile for me. I like to go out of my way to connect with fans and make sure that they feel apart of my journey. I think the secret to social media is to just engage the fan base and make them feel like family!

    4.) Who are your inspirations in country music and why?
    In country music, I draw inspiration from anyone trying to push the boundaries and do something a little different. Recently, people such as Madsen Morris, Sam Hunt, Chris Lane, Kelsea Ballerini and other amazing artists have been super inspiring!

    5.) You do some awesome song covers! How do you choose the songs?
    I like to take requests if I can! I also love singing multi-genre music to try and engage a larger fan base. After all of that, it usually just comes down to what had been stuck in my head all week!

    6.) Tell us about your single “Do It All Again.”
    My new single “Do It All Again” is a real look into young love. A lot of the time, we fall so hard for someone and it just doesn’t end up working out. This song is a way to look back in loving remembrance and try to feel some of those old feelings one more time.

    7.) What’s something about yourself that people would never guess?
    I used to play football in college! I loved the game but after 2 shoulder surgeries, I had to give it up.

    8.) You post about your mom frequently on social media. What role has she played in helping you pursue your dreams?
    My mom is my hero. I have never met someone as selfless, genuine and with a bigger heart. My mom and my dad have been an incredible support system and have let me chase my dreams relentlessly.
    I wouldn’t be anywhere without my amazing parents.

    9.) You’re partenering up with Love Your Melon for an awesome cause. Can you tell us a little more about that?
    Love Your Melon is an awesome organization! They are dedicated to putting hats on children battling cancer and patterning with organizations who are fighting pediatric cancer. I am so so so proud to partner with such an awesome organization.

    10.) What are your goals in the next 6 months?
    My goals are to keep connecting with fans and to release some more awesome music! I am super excited for 2017!

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