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Taste: Every Nashville Foodie’s Dream

Never again will you be trapped in this third dimension of non-decisions, going back and forth struggling to find a place to eat even though you’ll probably just end up at your usual spot. The Taste App removes the incessant sifting through reviews by ranking each food or drink category based on local “favorites.” That’s right, no bias reviews or paid advertising to boost the restaurant’s rating, just honest and authentic preferences.

Whether it’s pizza or sushi, brunch or cocktails –Taste covers it all, and they do it by trusting locals. Because really, who knows Nashville eats best?

When you download the app, you get one “favorite” per category. The more times you check in to new places in a category, the more weight your vote has. That’s why Taste is different; it focuses on what’s truly the best of whatever you’re craving, wherever you are.

Nashville is one of the 29 major markets Taste is launching. So, if you’re new to town or thinking about changing it up, let Taste do the deciding for you. No longer will hangry moods cloud your food judgment – indecisive foodies everywhere rejoice.

You can download it from the app store here, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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