Jacob Davis “Big Easy” Inspirations

Growing up in the deep south it is no surprise that country newcomer, Jacob Davis was inspired by the work of famous jazz musicians and singers. These influences can be heard throughout his single “What I Wanna Be”. Along with a catchy chorus written by Davis, you can hear the pounding of the keyboard and the low strumming of a bass guitar all elements pulled from traditional jazz music.

“Music has always been a part of my life,” said Davis. “One of my favorite live music memories growing up was attending Jazzfest in New Orleans and seeing John Prine with my Dad and brother.” It was through listening to the greats that Davis was able to foster a passion for lyrics and songwriting. “I remember my Dad playing John Prine and me being in the back seat of his truck,” recalled Davis. “I leaned up front and asked, ‘what does that line mean, Dad?’ He would just laugh and say, ‘listen to the lyrics, son! Every song is telling you a story, just listen!’ I probably drove him crazy, but I started listening.”

Davis finally began to explore songwriting while he was attending Louisiana State University. Once he got started there was no turning back. Within six months of moving to Music City Davis was offered a publishing deal. Since then he has signed a record deal with Black River Entertainment.

In his most recent video release, “What I Wanna Be”, Davis’s doesn’t shy away from his roots; instead putting them on full display. Filmed in New Orleans, the music video takes us throughout the “Big Easy” as Davis performs his latest hit in a cozy jazz club. Watch the video below.

What I Wanna Be (Official Video) by Jacob Davis on VEVO.

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