Dialed In: Chelsea Bain

Where did the story behind drinking alone come from?
It all really stemmed from me being a big fan of enjoying a drink with company and good conversation.

What do you hope listeners take away from this song?
One should never drink alone!

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Shania Twain, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakrs, Pink, and Bob Dylan.

If there’s one person/band, dead or alive, that you could perform with, who would it be?
Frank Sinatra. He is so classic, yet different from what I do that if would be such a cool collaboration.

What’s your favorite part of being up on stage?
I love to entertain. I really enjoy having the chance to make each night feel like a big party with my friends. It’s fun for me to make it fun for everybody else!

We see you love motorcycles and horses. How did those become passions of yours?
I grew up around both of these things. My parents were into horses and rode motorcycles when I was a kid and I’ve grown up to be just as passionate about both. When I am not playing music, it’s all about my bike and my horse, Barbie.

You’ve performed a lot of NASCAR and NHRA events. How did that shape you and your music?
These events made my performance grow into the high energy show I strive to put on each night now.

What’s been your favorite memory out on the road?
One night, my band removed my mattress from my bunk and filled the space with water bottles. I started throwing water bottles at everyone on the bus and we had a pretty epic water bottle fight. It was awesome!

What’s your writing process like?
Well, we usually spend a lot of time talking so we can have all the material in the world to write about. Then we write a song in between laughing about stupid jokes and catching up on life. We end up becoming great friends with each other as co-writers so there is always a social element to songwriting. It actually makes for better songs when you can be totally open and real in a writing session.

Where is your next project/music headed in he future?
There is honestly no way for me to tell you where my music is headed. I write about the things in my life I am living at the time, so it all depends on where my life goes.

You can check out Chelsea’s new EP HERE!

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