Canaan Smith is Back and Better Than Ever

Canaan Smith’s new single, “Like You That Way,” merges a great summer sound with a fun lyrical concept, tapping into the idea that people don’t have to be perfect for you to love them.

“You’re an original / In a world that’s so digital / You’re the analog baby / You make the others invisible,” he sings, hitting you right in the feels over that complicated relationship that only you can appreciate.

Guys will relate to the idea of loving a girl that’s got, “the sunshine in [her] pocket,” and girls will revel in the fact they’re loved even if they are, “Miranda Lambert crazy.”

Smith weaves his story over a track that’s perfect to blare over speakers all summer long. Fans will dig a sweet steel guitar and drum loop that make you want to roll down your car windows and join along. Meanwhile, the base line in the bridge gives the track a nice, slow interlude before Smith closes it with a chorus that listener’s will have memorized by now.


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