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Kelleigh Bannen Does It Again With “Church Clothes”

One of Country music’s greatest abilities is to pour truth in lyrics. Kelleigh Bannen’s new single, “Church Clothes” is a perfect example. It brilliantly depicts how people will put up the perfect facade for others, but the real picture is far darker and messy.

“Church Clothes” follows a couple in turmoil, who put up the picture-perfect front when attending church. Some of the heart-piercing lyrics include: “You drive, I look out the window / It’s not right but nobody says so / We walk in and head to the same pew / And hold hands, just like we’re supposed to / But last night you slept on the sofa / And these days I don’t even know ya / We fight like hell but nobody knows / When we’re wearing our church clothes.”

With the abundance of social media constantly putting pressure on everyone to look and be perfect, it can force us to hide the messy sides of our lives, but “Church Clothes” is a valiant reminder that nobody’s perfect, no matter what image they portray in public.

Kelleigh’s new single is full of heartbreakingly raw emotion and that’s why she was drawn to it. Having watched her own parents reach a breaking point in their marriage, Kelleigh feels personal connection to the song, which allows her to pour not only her vocals, but her emotions into it, as well.

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