Chris Tomlin’s New Video “Home” Is A Must See

Christian super star Chris Tomlin’s new video for his single “Home” will hit you in all the feels. The video premiered on USA Today yesterday and has a way of giving any one watching hope. Even if you’re not a typically Christian music listener this video is definitely touching. The video’s theme of finally being set free is very reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Temporary Home.” Both focus on leaving behind pain and finally getting to your “real” home.

The video starts in a huge empty home with a dark wooden interior and an hour glass rolling across the floor. This simple picture shows that even when you’re in a dark place it will eventually end like the sand in an hour glass. The video continues on with Chris in an open field searching and waiting to go home. He eventually finds that “home” (Heaven) at the end of the video where beams of bright white light are shining through every open space in the house. The video ends with a hopeful message and that’s all you can ask for when you’re going through a hard time. Take the lyrics of Carrie and Chris: nothing bad is permanent and you’ll find a way out.

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