Olivia Lane Has The Anthem For Millennials Everywhere!


Country Princess Olivia Lane is speaking to the heart of every Millennial with her new anthem “Quarter Life Crisis.” The song is a highlight on her self-titled EP which dropped earlier this year.

The song opens with two of the most truth-telling lines:

Sitting in my sweatpants, eating cheap Chinese. Watching Netflix on my hand me down couch

I mean, talk about every saturday night right?!?! Sounds like my entire life when Stranger Things premiere this summer.

In all seriousness, Olivia brings a fresh perspective to a phenomenon that happens in the life of every young adult. The most refreshing aspect to the song is that fact that no one is alone. Feeling confused, nervous, and a little worn-out is something that everyone feels. She perfectly illustrates what many feel and that it all boils down to the fact that no one really has it figured out no matter what age! So when you feel like you might be losing it, chances are you really aren’t!

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