Dialed In: Kelleigh Bannen Talks Cheap Sunglasses, Songwriting, & More!!


Kelleigh Bannen is an unstoppable force! Since hitting the scene a few years back we have been rooting for her success and her new EP Cheap Sunglasses proves it has arrived. We had the opportunity to talk with Kelleigh about the new project. Get to know her below and check out the new EP on Spotify now!

1. You have been grinding in the music industry for several years now. You’ve been with a label and now you’ve released your awesome EP, Cheap Sunglasses, independently. Did you feel it was a risky move in your mind?

Thank you. It was a risky move, for sure. But it was equally risky to stay where I was and not make a change. Sometimes I think playing it safe can be a far riskier move than moving on.

2. You co-wrote each song, which is wonderful. How long has this music been in the works?

The oldest song on this project–Once Upon A– we actually wrote in 2013. But the vision for this particular project came into focus last winter. Then we recorded everything in February.

3. Is there anything you do to prepare for a write? Do you have a ritual? How do you approach songwriting?

I am always looking for a great angle, perspective, or title. So when I go into most writes I’m thinking like a songwriter first and like an artist second. No real ritual except I try and do a little singing that morning beforehand…just in case some cool idea just falls out.

4. Is there one song on the EP you’re most proud of? If so, which one?

Probably “Cheap Sunglasses.” I’m really proud of the way we approached that idea, and I’m proud of how it turned out. It’s also the most fun for me to sing live.

5. What comes next? What is your next move?

We’re releasing a video for each song on the EP so we still have a few of those to put out. And we are releasing a podcast (This Nashville Life) in the next month; I’m really proud of it and the stories that we get to share.

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