Dialed In With The James Barker Band

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1. What’s the inspiration behind “Lawn Chair Lazy?”

Summertime, and good vibes. When we wrote the song, we came up with the riff first and it just screamed summer. We wanted a song with a relaxed vibe, that listeners could hang out and drink a beer to.

2. What is it about the song that you think connects with fans?

I think the relaxed nature of it. It’s the definition of a laid-back kind of song, which is perfect summer. Especially after a long week at work, people want to kick back, have a drink and they can throw on our song.

3. You mention beer (a lot!) in the song. What is your(the band) favorite beer for a lazy day?

Corona takes the prize for sure! It’s an easy drinking beer and it reminds us of vacation when we’re here in Canada (especially during the colder months).

4. What was it like performing the song for the first time live?

I can’t remember the first time performing the song live, but we always have fun playing it. We love watching the audience react. We lhave fun up on stage playing music, we want the audience to have fun too.

5. How would you describe your sounds for new listeners?

I think the best way to put it is, progressive country. We definitely have backgrounds of rock, pop and there’s definitely a groovy funk to our music. If you were to compare us to newer country artists I think the best fit would be Old Dominion meets Billy Currington.

6. Collectively, who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

On a personal level, all of our parents. They have always encouraged us to go after what we want. On a music level, for me, Keith Urban and his guitar playing is a big inspiration. I also really like rock like Led Zeppelin and Arctic Monkeys. Connor really likes the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Taylor is a big Matchbox 20 fan, Bobby is really into more alternative rock like The Killers, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance.

7. What is one song you wish you had written and why?

That’s a tough one! I’m going with Tiny Dancer! It’s a really cool melody and idea behind it. That or Rocket Man. I’m not even an Elton John fanatic but I appreciate his music and his songs are just amazing lyrically.


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