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Dialed In: Brieanna James Talks About Her New Country Music, Being 17, and “Hot”


Brieanna James is a Nashville native who grew up in LA. She’s coming back to her roots to begin her country career – and just 17, she’s got just the voice to shake up this town. Today, she talks about her inspirations, her new single “Hot,” and where to catch her next in Nashville.

1. You were born in Nashville – what do you love most about the city and its music?

Some of the best things about Nashville is the food, bluebell ice cream, the southern hospitality, and the love for country music that surrounds the city. That’s what I love about Nashville. I always feel at home in Tennessee. I love that I was born in Nashville. For me, Nashville will always be home.

2. Who is your biggest country music influence?

Probably pre-pop Taylor Swift, I mean, I know our images, but because I listened to her music so much growing up, she was kinda my teacher when it came to songwriting. And I can’t deny how obvious it is that we are both in love with the idea of love.

3. What’s the one country song title that perfectly describes your life and why?

“Mississippi Girl” by Faith Hill.
The song talks about a girl who made it big in music and even spent some time in California, but in her heart she was still just a Mississippi girl. I currently go back and forth between California and Nashville, but I actually spent a lot of my childhood years growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

4. You’re a natural songwriter at only 17. What’s your favorite thing about writing and what advice would you give other young writers?

Creating the lyrics and coming up with creative new phrases, ideas, titles, and melodies. I love writing, but ever since I was 9 my favorite thing to write about is love. There is something so amazing about the feeling you get when you finally finish a song you’ve been working so hard on and everything fits and goes just right. I wanna share all of my music with the entire world and I hope it makes them as happy as it makes me.

My advice for other young writers out there is just to stay true to yourself and write about what you wanna write about. If you wanna write this way, don’t write another way just because the world said that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s how new music is created. If you truly believe in your product then stay confident and don’t change for anyone.

5. Where did the inspiration for your new single “Hot” come from? What makes this single stand out?

I think it was just one of those moments where you’re trying to define exactly what it is you feel for a certain guy, and you have no clue, all you know is that, he’s just… so… dang… hot. It’s definitely a song based around infatuation. I think what makes this song stand out is its confidence. The song itself is such a daring, strong, and flirty song! The production rocks so it makes you wanna stomp your feet.

6. You turn 18 in November – tell us, what’s on your birthday wish list? What country singer do you wish would sing you “Happy Birthday”?

Maybe a new guitar, Taylor guitar of course! I want a full blown collection! Most girls have want a closet full of shoes closet, but what I want is a room full of pretty guitars! And to be honest I wouldn’t mind some new cowboy boots either! I love Old Gringo boots!

What country singer do I wish would sing me “happy birthday?” Oh, that’s easy! Definitely Sam Hunt! And maybe Michael Ray too. They’re both pretty “HOT.” 😉

7. What’s next for you here in Nashville? Where can we catch you live?

I am going to spend time writing new songs with some amazing writers that I am really excited about over the next month in Nashville.

I am playing at Belcourt Taps in September, which I am super excited about as well.

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